About Us

To step up the performance and productivity of your laptops, iPhones & smartphones, just step into Electro Pod –the specialist handheld phone and PC repair center in Manchester. With an extensive  expertise in repairing, refurbishing computers and mobile devices,you are assured of the smartest solution for your gadget within your budget. Wealso have a huge collection of branded laptop, mobile & smartphone accessorieson our virtual shelves, to be picked up at the most competitive prices in the market.

No one in the present high-tech age can ever think of a day without asmart gadget. To fix any problem,whatsoever big or small,you can simply rely on Electro Pod’s rapid repair service,so that you save time and get your laptop or mobile back in the nick of time for your tasks. 

With a surefire promise of quality, round-the-clock support hotline, free shipping over £500, on-time deliveries and hassle-free returns – It is no wonder, why Electro Pod has gained the reputation of being the most sought after store in and around Manchester.

You can count on the services of Electro Pod, as we have a fully equipped high-tech repair centerwith expert hands,making over your gadget look& perform as good as new.

Electro Pod is an ideal solution to any of your laptop or mobile phone problems.